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An Instruction in Shadow

Inheritance of Magic Book 2
  • Author
    • Benedict Jacka
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Oct 17, 2024

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MAGIC. POWER. GREED. The ultra-rich control magic-the same way they control everything else-but Stephen Oakwood may just beat them at their own game in this exhilarating contemporary fantasy from the author of the million-copy-selling Alex Verus novels.

Stephen has emerged victorious against the schemes of his aristocratic family. Now he finally has the opportunity to do what he's been wanting to do for a long time: track down his father.

But doing so won't be easy. Stephen's not so isolated any more, but the contacts he's making in the magical world-everyone from the corporation he works for to the mother he's just beginning to reconnect with-all have agendas of their own. And now a new group is emerging from the shadows, calling themselves the Winged. Their leader, the mysterious Byron, promises that he can show Stephen how to find his father...but he wants something in return.

Following that trail will throw Stephen into greater danger than he's ever faced before. To survive, he'll need to use all of his tricks and sigls, and pick up some new ones. Only then will he be able to prevail against his enemies...and find out who's really pulling the strings.
  • Published: Oct 17 2024
  • Pages: 352
  • ISBN: 9780356519951
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