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Fantasy Bundle

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Five must-read fantasy novels for your bookshelves. This Orbit Fantasy bundle includes: 

The Stardust Thief by Chelsea Abdullah 

Inspired by stories from One Thousand and One NightsThe Stardust Thief weaves the gripping tale of a legendary smuggler, a cowardly prince and a dangerous quest across the desert to find a magical lamp. 

The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

In a world where magic is tightly controlled, the most powerful man in history must choose between his kingdom and his son - in the first book of the New York Times bestselling Lightbringer series, one of the most popular fantasy epics of the decade.

The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter

In a world consumed by endless war one young man will become his people's only hope for survival. 

Gods of the Wyrdwood by RJ Barker

Gods of the Wyrdwood is book one in a new fantasy trilogy set within the bounds of a forest straight out of darkest folklore - with outlaws fighting an evil empire and warring deities. 

The Hexologists by Josiah Bancroft 

From the acclaimed author of Senlin Ascends comes the first book in a wildly inventive new fantasy series where magical mysteries abound and only one team can solve them: The Hexologists.

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