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Myrren's Gift

The Quickening Book One
  • Author
    • Fiona McIntosh
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When Wyl Thirsk, General of the Morgravian Legion, is forced to watch the torture of Myrren, a young woman accused of witchcraft, it seems little enough comfort to speed her passing. But Myrren is grateful for even this small mercy and promises Wyl a gift. He thanks her but dismisses the notion - what could this poor, doomed girl have to give him?

It is only years later that Wyl, shorn of his friends and allies, betrayed by his king, and forced to make an impossible choice, remembers the dying words of the young woman about to burn for the crime of witchcraft. As his enemy's sword draws closer, Wyl finally understands the meaning of Myrren's dying words, and he wonders: had he known what that one act of kindness would bring, would he have behaved otherwise?

Gripping the reader from the very first page, Myrren's Gift marks Fiona McIntosh as one of fantasy fiction's most gifted storytellers.
  • Published: Jan 20 2005
  • Pages: 672
  • 176 x 113mm
  • ISBN: 9781841493732
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