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Alyssa's Ring

The Guardian Cycle Book 5
  • Author
    • Julia Gray
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Exiled from his land, Terrel has travelled the world with little to guide him but the mysterious prophecies of the Tindaya Code. Now his journey is at an end, for Terrel has returned to Vadanis.

But the powers that have sought to destroy him are not yet defeated. For the prophecy to be fulfilled the Ancients must arise and it is Terrel who must struggle to defend them...

And as the Dark Moon rises, Terrel makes his stand - but this time he does not fight alone.

One of the most exciting fantasy adventures of recent years, the epic Guardian Cycle reaches its spectacular conclsion with ALYSSA'S RING.

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  • Published: Dec 05 2002
  • Pages: 576
  • ISBN: 9781841491462
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