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Bad Blood

House of Comarré: Book 3
  • Author
    • Kristen Painter
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Thomas Creek, Kubai Mata warrior, stumbles upon a murder. The girl was the major's estranged daughter, masquerading as one of the vampires' chosen servants. And the sinister circumstances of her death force the mayor to accept the othernatural threat facing her city.

Creek recruits Malkolm and Chrysabelle to help prepare her for the danger ahead, but Chrysabelle is desperate to find her brother. Although to track him, she'll need to retrieve the ring of sorrows from the fae holding it ransom. As they race to find the ring and protect the city, more girls professing to be vampire servants are killed. The night of Samhain is also approaching - bringing with it the final melding of mortal and othernatural worlds.
Chrysabelle must have the ring, and its unexpected powers, as a new war is about to erupt.
  • Published: Nov 24 2011
  • Pages: 432
  • 134 x 200mm
  • ISBN: 9781841499710
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