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Everything About You

Discover this year's most cutting-edge thriller
  • Author
    • Heather Child
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'Black Mirror meets Gone Girl' Rosamund Lupton, Richard and Judy and Sunday Times bestseller

'Amazing, creepy, twisty and clever' Karen Dionne, author of The Marsh-King's Daughter

Think twice before you share your life online.
Freya has a new virtual assistant. It knows what she likes, knows what she wants and knows whose voice she most needs to hear: her missing sister's.
It adopts her sister's personality, recreating her through a life lived online. But this virtual version of her sister knows things it shouldn't be possible to know. It's almost as if the missing girl is still out there somewhere, feeding fresh updates into the cloud. But that's impossible. Isn't it?

With twists and turns you'll never see coming, Everything About You is a thrilling debut showing a chilling vision of a future that's just around the corner. You'll never look at your privacy settings in the same way again . . .
  • Published: Feb 21 2019
  • Pages: 368
  • 196 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9780356510682
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