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Foundation And Chaos

  • Author
    • Greg Bear
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Isaac Asimov's Foundation series is known to millions of readers throughout the world. Before he died, however, he made it clear that there were areas he had not explored. Greg Bear now takes up that challenge and an epic story of galactic intrigue and incredible science takes a staggering new twist.
Hari Seldon's life's work is about to come to an end. The science of psychohistory he has developed can be refined no more, and the plans for the Foundation, which will steer mankind through the dark centuries ahead, are complete. But it may all be for nothing if the political factions on Trantor succeed in destroying Hari's work. Accused of treason against the Galactic Empire, the most important trial of all time is about to begin . . .
  • Published: Jul 15 1999
  • Pages: 448
  • 178 x 109mm
  • ISBN: 9781857237368
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