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In The Ruins

The Crown of Stars series: Book Six
  • Author
    • Kate Elliott
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The world of Liath and Alain is breaking apart as King Henry's kingdom is savaged by earthly and supernatural forces, which they alone have the power to understand.

The Eika warriors thirst for the King's land and power, their enmity sealed by generations of blood. Bitter in-fighting within King Henry's court and the ceaseless attrition of raiders also weaken his reign.

Those who remain true must stay strong as the shadow of the Cursed Ones falls, and the spell holding the exiled from the planet fails. Liath must force her wild sorcery to maturity and Sanglant, her husband and King Henry's heir, must struggle to hold the realm together.

The twin destinies of Liath and Alain may yet avert the destruction written in the stars.
  • Published: Feb 02 2006
  • Pages: 832
  • ISBN: 9781841492735
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