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Son Of Spellsinger

Spellsinger Series, book 8
  • Author
    • Alan Dean Foster
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Much to Clothahump the Wizard's distress, ex-hippie Jon-Tom and Talea's son Buncan wants to be a questing hero, but not a spellsinger. Instead he forms a band with Mudge's kids, otters Noctor and Squill, one that creates a wild unpredictable magic - based on rap!

Then an anteater arrives with rumours about a dangerous legend. Soon the young rappers, aided by a drunk rhino, are off on an odyssey to a fortress where evil sorcerers threaten the world. And where only the unknown power of Buncan's beat can stop the hordes of hideous hybrids.
  • Published: Nov 25 1993
  • Pages: 384
  • 178 x 109mm
  • ISBN: 9781857231809
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