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The Last Legion Book 3
  • Author
    • Chris Bunch
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On the outer fringes of civilization, a lone military force struggles to keep the peace in a volatile star system. With no incoming communications from the Confederation Empire as guidance, only the Legion can stop a grasping tyrant from expanding his territories ...

The dual system of Larix and Kura is controlled by dictator and self-styled Protector Alena Redruth, and he now has his eye on the Cumbre system. His spies monitor the Legion's activities, but information can flow both ways ... Legion Intelligence Officer Njangu Yoshitaro will pose as Redruth's agent and infiltrate the upper echelons of the dual system's government. It is a corrupt hierarchy comprised of petty autocrats vying for control. Njangu can use these shifting loyalties to his advantage - unless the dictator discovers his identity first ...
  • Published: Dec 06 2007
  • Pages: 384
  • 178 x 111mm
  • ISBN: 9781841496283
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