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The Dagger's Path

Book 2 of The Forsaken Lands
  • Author
    • Glenda Larke
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Ardhi, Sorrel and the excommunicated cleric, Saker Rampion, stow away on a ship to the Spice Islands. They must return stolen items of great power to Ardhi's home, but there are ruthless men after this power, men who will kill to possess it.

At home in Ardrone, an army of demonic origin runs amok while Saker's superiors in the church struggle to quell it. And the young queen Mathilda struggles with the possibility that her newborn child, the heir to the throne, may be linked to the corruption that has erupted throughout the land.

Sorcerers, lascars, pirates and thieves collide in this thrilling sequel to Glenda Larke's epic fantasy adventure The Lascar's Dagger.
  • Published: Jan 15 2015
  • Pages: 448
  • 198 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9780356502700
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