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The Way Between The Worlds

The View From The Mirror, Volume Four (A Three Worlds Novel)
  • Author
    • Ian Irvine
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The alliance has failed.
There is a dark full moon on mid-winter's day - sign that the foretelling has come to pass. Karan is held captive in desolate Carcharon tower. Karan's lover, Llian, is in chains, falsely accused of betraying her to the enemy. Rulke the Charon is unstoppable now, and plans to open the Way between the Worlds. If he succeeds the world will be overwhelmed by the dread armies of the void and an endless night will fall...

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  • Published: Dec 06 2001
  • Pages: 672
  • 179 x 137mm
  • ISBN: 9781841490731
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