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This Is Not A Game

You Don't Get a Second Life
  • Author
    • Walter Jon Williams
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Once upon a time, there were four of them. And though each was good at a number of things, all of them were very good at games . . .

But when one of them is gunned down in a parking lot, the survivors become players in a very different kind of game - one that is played for the highest stake of all. Now they must draw on all their resources - not least millions of online gamers - to track down the killer.

Imagine a game with no boundaries. Waiting in a parking lot, sitting at your computer, walking down the street - you could be called at any moment, and you'd better be ready.

This is not a game. This is a novel that will blow your mind.
  • Published: Mar 04 2010
  • Pages: 496
  • 182 x 170mm
  • ISBN: 9781841496641
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