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Treason Keep

The Demon Child Trilogy
  • Author
    • Jennifer Fallon
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R'shiel is dying, her destiny unfulfilled. To save her, the renegade Harshini Brak reluctantly makes a terrible bargain, as survival of the hidden Harshini race hangs in the balance.

Political turmoil spreads across Medalon and its neighbouring countries as the gods vie for power, using humans as pawns in a deadly battle for supremacy. To avert bloodshed on a massive scale, three warring kingdoms must unite to diffuse the threat of Karien, a nation led by possessed priests and fanatics.

But is alliance possible in a climate of fear and mistrust? Only the demon child - half human and half Harshini - has the power to compel obedience, but will she master her new talents in time to stop a divine war ...
  • Published: Jan 20 2005
  • Pages: 672
  • ISBN: 9781841493275
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