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Wit'ch Storm

The Banned and the Banished Book Two
  • Author
    • James Clemens
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Five centuries after the destruction of the Mages of Alasea, a young girl, Elena, inherits the powers that the Mages had so carefully hidden from their terrible enemy. Elena bears the mark of the wit'ch upon her palm, a crimson stain that belies the wild power it may wield. Only a mistress of blood magick can stand against the Dark Lord - but Elena is not yet mistress of her magick. To discover the key to the Dark Lord's defeat, Elena must travel to A'loa Glen - a perilous journey, for if the Dark Lord finds her first, she will become his most fearsome weapon.

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  • Published: Dec 05 2002
  • Pages: 640
  • 113 x 179mm
  • ISBN: 9781841491516
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